Senior Fifth

A significant safety challenge each year at Wake Forest is a tradition students call Senior Fifth.” Senior Fifth is a very dangerous activity in which some upperclass students have participated in the past. It involves students attempting to drink an entire 750ml bottle (fifth) of liquor the day of the last home football game before kickoff (this year 11/19/16 v. Clemson). This unfortunate activity is not unique to Wake Forest. 
One of the first parts of a multi-pronged prevention effort we are implementing this year – a prevention poster campaign aimed at upperclass students. This week you will begin seeing posters on digital screens, printed posters and tent-boards around campus in areas strategically chosen to be seen by upperclass students. 
These posters were developed in partnership with student leaders as well as former Wake Forest students in an attempt to prevent the potentially tragic consequences of this dangerous activity.
The primary goal with this campaign is to stimulate discussion about Senior Fifth, to raise questions about the compatibility of Senior Fifth with safety, maturity and academic success, and to give those feeling pressure to participate language with which to push back. 
While a large percentage of Wake Forest Students do not drink and only a small minority engage in high-risk activities such as Senior Fifth, many students wrongly perceive dangerous drinking to be the norm. We encourage you to talk with your friends about alcohol safety and to stand firm in your decision not to participate.