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Primary and Secondary Prevention Initiatives for Students is an interactive website designed specifically for college students which personalizes information and tactics for lowering risks related to alcohol and other substances.  Please email, the Substance Abuse Coordinator, for the WFU password.

BASICS logoBASICS-Are you concerned about your drinking or drug use or is someone else concerned about your drinking?

Would you like to receive a CONFIDENTIAL drinking evaluation and personal feedback about your drinking?

The WFU CHOICES Program uses the Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) curriculum, which includes an alcohol use evaluation along with detailed personal drinking feedback and advice. The primary goal of BASICS is to provide objective lifestyle feedback and to encourage positive changes in drinking behavior. This approach uses Motivational Interviewing and includes being empathic, non-confrontational and non-judgmental. The effectiveness of this approach is that it engages and empowers students. This program encourages protective behaviors, and involves discussion of accidents, violence, sexual assault, sleep loss, poor academic performance, and future goals.

For more information regarding BASICS, please contact


Concerned about you or a friend’s substance use, take a free screening, and contact to discuss your screening results.


Have you ever thought about how your drinking behavior compares to other students like you?
Have you ever thought about how much of your time and money is devoted to alcohol?
Have you ever wondered how many cheeseburgers worth of calories you drink each month?

e-Chug (electronic check-up to go) is a free and anonymous self-guided web survey that allows college students to receive feedback in regards to their use of alcohol.

Click on the link and take  e-Chug.


e-TOKEHave you ever thought about how your marijuana use affects your behavior?
Have you ever thought about how your use compares to other WFU students use?

e-Toke is a free and anonymous web based tool that allows students to receive feedback in regards to their use of marijuana.

Click on the link to take  e-Toke.